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The Bronze FREE membership plan​

Provides a FREE membership to the creative hub
  • A library of Free Art tutorials
  • Art For Wellness (Newsletter)
  • A safe space for beginners and creatives
  • Learning to draw and paint

It's a supportive creative community

​Here to help people who are feeling stressed or overwhelmed

and looking to turn life around and feel …

Happier, Healthier & more Confident


"Art for Wellness".

Easy access to step by step resources

to learn how to draw and paint

in the creative resources library.


It's time to relax your inner artist and find yourself.


Introducing the most supportive community you'll find.


The Bronze Membership

Members feedback

I love being able to be in this group and getting support, I love to see everyone's creative posts and ideas.

I've been hesitant about my own skills, but seeing everyone's efforts and the positive feedback has really given me confidence.

A brilliant group, run and populated by encouraging, supportive creative people. Definitely a ‘good place’ for anyone.

This is a wonderful community of open, honest, creative and wonderfully supportive people - I'm so happy I found it!

Tutorial Starter Pack
Guide Art for Wellness

***Guide to Art for Wellness***

Once you have joined as a member FREE Bronze Entry level

You will receive a FREE PDF…….

Guide to Art for Wellness your own ebook designed to help you get the best from your membership.

Tutorials with Art for Wellness 

A chance to learn.......

A members artistically inspired library of resources, ebooks, video tutorials ........ easy to follow step by step

A collection of art inspired themes that are aimed to be calming and relaxing and help you find peace in creativity.


Art Materials Shop  

Should you need a prompt or ideas for purchasing art materials why not visit the online shop on the website. 


When you have completed your picture why not share in the members gallery send to the team at 


As a profit for resources organisation any funds are invested back into the business to ensure the

continuation of support and offer free resources for its members.

Thank You to our sponsors

Simply put, without our generous sponsorship donations to Creative Wellness Journey it would not be affordable to the vast majority of members looking for "Art for Wellness". 

Terms & Conditions

This is a supportive community for people looking for wellness in learning how to draw and paint the easy way.


The rules:

  • Be kind and courteous

  • No hate speech or bullying

  • No promotions or spam


Let's share the beauty of creativity


Benefits of being in the community:

  • A safe space to learn how to be creative

  • Meet other like-minded people

  • Share your creativity with others

  • Look and learn in easy step by step lessons

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