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On Our Travels
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In 2020 we began our "On Our Travels" adventures where Debbie & Heather discover the beauty around us together.


The idea to spend time together as friends (when lockdown restrictions were lifted).  We could appreciate the freedom of being able to, learn more about nature, creativity, history, and enhance our experiences.

A great way to find inspiration and ideas for creativity so we can use this in making fun and exciting tutorials for members that are easy to do.


Understanding the need for selfcare

We began to create a list of all the things we have wanted to do and never made the time for ourselves.  Appreciating that wellbeing and self care are key to a happy and balanced life.


In sharing these days with other people in the community hub for "Art for Wellness" writing our blogs and taking photos to capture memories may it inspire others to do the same.

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Check out the On Our Travel blogs

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