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Partnership Work & Funding

Aims to share ideas for learning to be creative to support mental wellness through easy online tutorials and downloadable resources. 

The website is FREE to join the community hub and offers a safe space where members can share their creative art for wellness. 

Working with other communities to develop working alliances and partnerships. 

Supported by funding to deliver community activities for

"Art for Wellness" projects.


In recognition of partnership-working and funding achievements.

Time To Talk UK

Time To Talk UK

uktimetotalk We are delighted to form a partnership with the Creative Wellness Journey. Debbie Crouch their founder is a wonderful, inspiring person whose beliefs, like ours, is that wellbeing is at the forefront of everything we do. Their programs and activities are designed to support mental wellness through the beauty of creation. As part of our “Positive Minds” wellbeing programme we are promoting to our talented members there is another safe place.


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