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Angel of Gratitude

An easy step by step oil pastel and water-coloured pencil angel of gratitude would make a lovely card.

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Lets get started..............

A simple and easy angel using watercolour paints and oil pastels crayons.

Materials You Need

  • Hardboard or painting table

  • Plain paper / Masking Tape

  • Selection of watercolour paints

  • Mixing Tray

  • Water & Sponge

  • Paint brushes

  • Oil pastel crayons

Should you need a prompt or ideas for purchasing art materials why not visit the

Firstly with a pencil sketch the shapes on to paper.  Aways mask the paper to a hard surface before painting as this projects the paper from curling.

This is a mixed media creation using wax crayons, watercolour pencils and fine liner pens.

Firstly use the oil pastels to colour the dress and wings.  Then using the water coloured pencils draw coloured circles around in colours.

When the background is complete gently wet the paper to create the blended colour effect.

Here is a picture that represents gratitude for people who have been an inspiration in my life.

Artists need all the concentration in the world while they are drawing.

In turn helping to build your inner power, when you focus totally on one thing.

― Debbie Crouch

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Original published 2021

Debbie Crouch

Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativity

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