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Appreciate Genuine Friendships - Suzy Dansby

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Meeting Suzy after being introduced by a good friend for the first time we met at an event at Wortley Hall in 2019 where we were privileged to meet the wonderful "Milly Johnson" author and Queen of Hearts.

At the time I was wondering if I had the courage to launch my own blog and share online and after good conversations, encouragement and kindness Suzy convinced me I was doing the right thing and within a few weeks I was off with Creative Wellness Journey.

In March when lockdown came we still kept in touch and had times we were able to meet for coffee, became ladies who lunched, and even discovered pink lemonade at Falcon Lounge in Barnsley.

The times together filled with much laughter and fun talking blogs, life and best places to visit in South Yorkshire as Suzy was quite an expert from her writing and reviews.

We found a wonderful cafe in Barnsley called Victoria Tea Rooms where we celebrated with a lovely afternoon tea.

Bouncing ideas off each other, inspiring new ideas and writing joint blogs together in August 2020 which was a truly wonderful experience which I hope will continue.

A collaboration between two friends and bloggers “Not so Grim Up North”

and “Creative Wellness”

Meeting friends through blogging is wonderful and “Not so Grim Up North” & “Creative Wellness Journey” believe that as out blogs grow organically working together is an added bonus and we get excited and giddy every time we think of a new idea.

That in itself is priceless.

I love the phrase I learned from Suzy....

"Organically grown or growing organically"

After a career change when Suzy left teaching, a friend suggesting to her why not start a blog. Given encouragement and support it then grew organically into a place where she could support small businesses, promoting handmade and local produce.

Writing reviews to support the community became a hobby and new way of life where she was able to meet new friends and explore the best places to meet in local cafes, for coffee and tea (sometimes cakes too)!

In addition to cafes, handmade and upcycled little businesses like jewellery, ceramics, art and crafts, little gift shops, galleries and antique shops, craft fairs and many more..........

Suzy has a passion for blogging that she began in March 2019 and has nearly 10,000 followers.

"I love finding new coffee and tea rooms. I'm passionate about promoting small businesses and handmade crafts. I love anything antique, vintage and quirky. We have so much to celebrate up North and I hope to share that with you!"

Writing about friendships, life, and being a lover of books, coffee, reading, tea and vintage things (to mention a few) - some wonderful, entertaining and beautifully illustrated with affirmations, sayings and photos.

Introducing you to Not so Grim Up North - why not take a look and read some of her blogs they are amazing.

Recently Suzy met a lovely lady at Hellocraft who designed a beautiful bag to commemorate her blog.

Copyright © 2021, Creative Wellness Journey

Debbie Crouch

January 2021

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Love this so much thankyou! Look forward to our new journey!


Jan 26, 2021

This is fantastic! So inspiring🥰

Replying to

It's fan isn't it? Debbie and I just bonded straight away!

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