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Art is Fun - Contour drawing portraits

Contour drawing, is where you concentrate on drawing an outline drawing where the artist, does not look at the paper whilst drawing.

Instead they are looking closely at the contour of an object, and using a pencil or pen transfers what they can see in one continuous line onto the paper without looking down.

It takes courage to not peep to see what you are drawing is doing, but the whole experience is quite liberating and fun.

This technique is taught as a different styles and practiced in drawing development and learning. Once the pencil is on the paper you keep drawing without lifting off in a continuous line flowing along the page. If for any reason you come off the page just join back on and continue drawing.

It's normally given a time to complete between 1 min - 3 minutes using different pencils or pens.

Heather & I were thrilled to be given the opportunity to attend a 30 minute class with artist Frank Kiely which had been sponsored by The national brain appeal and The Big Draw.

This was given a hashtag #makingyourmark so that people attending could share on social media.

by Debbie Crouch

by Heather Roundell

Contour Drawing

The first lesson learned it that it helps to improve your hand-eye coordination.

The skill of Hand-eye coordination is important in drawing for following reasons.

In learning the art of blind contour line drawing it forces you to look at the object that you are drawing and not the picture/paper.

More importantly, it helps the artist to understand that representational drawing is all about observation.

The beauty of this technique is that if you are feeling anxious or stressed, blind contour drawing is meant to help artists practice their observation skills.

If you approach the technique with patience, it can even be a calming exercise.

“It’s kind of like a meditation,”

Thank you to The Big Draw for the collaborative drawing session with artist Frank Kiely and A Letter in Mind - The National Brain Appeal's annual art fundraiser which is now in it's eighth year!

A Letter in Mind provides a wonderful way for people to show their support for the NHS, as all proceeds will fund projects within The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery and UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology.

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Debbie Crouch

Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativity

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