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Art Journaling - Random day lost my creative spark.

We can all have those days when we feel that the creative spark has gone.

It happens. But losing that creative spark is more common than you think. After a rest when the time was right I wanted to paint. Understanding that a spark being a desirable feeling or idea, a need to be creative. What did I do to kickstart again. To push through it I started with an easy creative picture.

This following methods often works for me.

Random Painting whilst zoning out

Let’s start by - Mix some paint colours

Let the colours flex and flow on your brush maybe add in flicks of paint or sponge effect

Leave to dry

Time is still not right - thats ok

If it doesn’t work then just do something else creative another, easier, project or just reading.

This often works for me. In general doing something creative will help you become more mindful, which is ideal as it's believed that mindfulness can reduce anxiety, stress and depression. The very things that could be stopping you from being at your best.

  • Pop on headphones go out for a walk.

  • I like to iron to relax.

  • A walk in the fresh air.

"When your spark has gone out, ignite it with someone else’s”

My friend made a beautiful picture the other day and I wanted to create my own version. It was a doodle drawing with watercolour or pencils. Just sit deep breath and let your hand flow over the paper, which colours are you attracted to today.

Deep breath and let the pens flow over the paper making your own zen patterns start in the corner and work out perhaps.

The finished drawing

Written by Debbie Crouch 2020, Creative Journey to Wellness

Copyright © 2023, Creative Wellness Journey

Debbie & CWJ Team

Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativity

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