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Art Journaling - Your story starts today.......

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Each page tells its own story and is reflective of what you are feeling at that moment.

To help you get going, I’ve compiled a list of some gorgeous art journal ideas, examples, and techniques that will hopefully fuel you with inspiration to start your pages off.

But remember, try to let your inner (creative) voice be heard too, it wants to express itself in its own way and tell its own story. So don’t be afraid to put your own twists and spins on the ideas below…

ART JOURNAL SUPPLIES You don’t need too many fancy things to start an art journal. Here’s are some basic items you could use to start out with (you can always add to your collection as you go)

Paints You can buy a set of watercolor or acrylic paints – it depends on what you like to work with. I find acrylics easier for beginners. But watercolors are very enjoyable to work with too!

Brushes Having a good set of brushes with different sizes and shapes will really open up to what you can create (different textures and forms) in your art journal. They don’t have to be expensive either. Check out the cheap shops in your area or online. A plastic tray to mix watercolours and paper plates for acrylics.

Crayons Crayons can be a great addition to your art journal collection. Especially if you want to work with mixed media.

Pens Use ink based pens for outline, and detail work, or to write words, phrases and quotes within your art.

Paper and Magazines Create beautiful backgrounds with scraps of paper or pictures from magazines.

Using words Colour them in, write them, make them into a picture.

Use a favorite quote as inspiration for an art journal page a great way to get your creative juices flowing when you don’t know where to start!

Bright Colours Use some bright colors to liven up your art journal. Think of shapes and images as you go along without thinking too much.

Let the magic happen when you go with the flow!

Art journal colour wheel A selection of visual colour wheels would help.

Art journal doodles Doodling offers the perfect outlet for trying out all of your ideas for your journal.

Doodling Tips Before you start, maybe warm up the muscles you will be using to doodle by stretching your fingers gently.

  • Look at things as basic shapes, square, triangle, circles for example. This may take a little practice.

  • Use a variety of thickness in your lines, darker and lighter areas for tone and contrast.

  • Once you start it can help you find your happy place.

  • There is no right or wrong way.

Practice patterns with pencil

It serves as a primal and delightfully freeing form of self-expressions. Doodling can be a very meditative activity and a great way to start practicing drawing and making patterns.

The best part about doodling is that it takes so few materials to do, a pencil, a pen or coloured pencils, felt tip pens and piece of paper. I understand that sometimes you simply want ideas for how to doodle, where to start.......

Hand of abundance Things you like to do.

  • Zen Hands

  • The future in your hands A great art therapy type of project is to trace your hand then fill it in with things you are thankful for with paint, pens, inks, etc…

Watercolour resist white crayon Use white wax crayons to create secret designs and messages on your paper before you paint on it with watercolour paints. Watch your secret designs come to life as you add watercolor paint on top.

Music Print off a page full of lyrics from your favorite artists, then paint their portrait overtop with black watercolor paints. Another great black and white art journal idea

Travel Use your ideas of travel from photographs, pictures, places you enjoy visiting..........dont let current lack of travel stop you from art journaling!

Instead, use your travels to inspire new art in your journal. Take notice of all you see around you and pick out your most favorite and paint, draw, doodle or write about it.

Pastel Crayons Using crayons that can be smudged together to create texture.

Finally Art Journaling Summary

And now it's up to you, your turn to have a go ...........

I hope you enjoyed the list of art journal ideas and feel inspired by some or all of these brilliant ideas, what can you see that you like, or have read that makes you think.

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