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Barnsley Adult Skills Community Learning - Art Classes 2019 -

Taking the step towards attending an open date at Barnsley Adult Skills Community Learning on my own in 2019 looking for a creative course to help with my mental health was a real turning point.

My old self had thought “when I retire, I would like to take on night classes, new hobbies within creative subjects” and never thought that now is the best time for me. To make “me time” a priority and this is something I have learned on my wellbeing journey.

Open Day

Warmly greeted by a friendly welcoming face a pleasant gentleman who runs the art courses made me feel immediately at ease.

The free taster day sessions offered a great way to be introduced into artistic areas and exploring new areas I would never have normally considered. Spread over three weeks the open day sessions gave me something to focus on, a positive outlook, an enjoyable time and opportunity to meet new people and learn.

They offering many 6-7 weeks creative wellbeing classes to choose from including:

Drawing Painting


Digital photography


Glass painting


Sugar craft and cake decorating


Opting for “Learning to Draw and Creative Calligraphy” taster sessions.

Below I have shared my calligraphy drawings …... why not give it a go.

Creative Calligraphy

Modern calligraphy is very much like looking at letters and how they can be drawn in a creative way.

The task was to use your initials or name and produce a picture with designs and drawings of things you liked for example, other hobbies, nature, animals, pets, anything that had meaning to you.

Debbie in Hebrew the meaning is: Bee. I love nature so this is what I choose.

1. Draw rough sketches of your initials till you find a shape or design you like.

2. Looking in calligraphy books or online for design ideas

When you are happy with your final design lay over a piece of tracing paper and draw outline with a pencil pressing on hard.

Turn the drawing onto the other side and with a pencil trace the outline on the reverse side. When completed turn over onto its right side and retrace over the paper you would like to paint or draw on for the final picture. In this case cream paper below.

Then colour in your design with paints, crayons or pen. This is still a work in progress that needs to be completed. Thanks for reading and happy drawing.

Copyright © 2020, Creative Wellness Journey

Debbie Crouch


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