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Barnsley Chronicle paper praises the artistic work on mental health course

Adult Skills and Community Learning Services in Barnsley The local Barnsley Chronicle paper praises the artistic work produced on mental health wellness courses. It advocates the artwork produced by those with mental health issues from the classes directed the group to report a comment 'such a high standard" that it should be on public display.

WOW what a fantastic accolade for the learning services team and a special thanks to Gary who delivered the creative wellness courses. The comment acknowledging the idea with a view towards displaying the artwork at the Cooper Gallery, in Barnsley Town Centre would be a fabulous idea. The report acknowledged "a lack of awareness of the number of services in local communities which can be accessed" Sadly the learning center is currently on shut down and unable to attend courses at the learning center during COVID19. However, after getting in touch with Gary he is going to share some projects for learners to try at home during COVID19 online courses A huge thanks to Gary and the team who offer support for people in creative wellness activities. Gary and the team have made a positive difference in my life and all the other people who attend the center. He has a wonderful way of bringing out the best in people and encourages anyone to give it a go - creative art is for everyone regardless of how talented you think you are. Anyone can have a go and learn and create in their own style, at their own pace in a relaxed, engaging and fun atmosphere where you feel safe and enjoy learning new skills. It also offers an opportunity to meet new people, improve your confidence, learn and develop a creative hobby and make friends too.

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Debbie Crouch

March 2020

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