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Creative Art - Sun & Sea (swirling acrylic paint)

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

This painting uses acrylic paint and using the paintbrush with a gentle swirling gestures this technique is easy and fun and helps with practice mixing colours. Remember to keep your wrist relaxed and let the brush flow over the paper.

On a plain piece of paper use the acrylic paint straight from the brush to draw the sun and sea shapes.

Start by using paper suitable for acrylic paint and tape the edges down onto a piece of hardboard or flat surface with masking tape as this keeps the paper from curling when wet. I first bought a pack of small tubes of paints in various colours ready mixed and easy to use.

Using yellow and red primary colours and either a paper plate, or plastic paint tray mix different shades starting with a mid tone orange and swirl lines on the paper to form the outline of the sun and rays.

Building up the yellow and orange tones and leave to dry.

I found this was a great way to practice mixing paint colours and relaxing too If you think of the page as two sections, use the paint to build up the colours and dividing the paper into sky and sea.

The sea I mixed green with yellow and blue primary colours till I found a shade I liked just use your imagination and any colour you feel happy to use it does not have to match this or be exactly the same.

Adding in the swirly lines in blue and green tones if the paint blends in it makes a nice effect.

Keep going till you are happy with the final picture and leave to dry before removing the masking tape.

Using a piece of card I cut out a frame to see what it would look like in a insert.

If you like why not buy a frame and insert and hang somewhere you can see the bright sun and sea it's a lovely cheery picture, and good for your mental wellbeing.

Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativity

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Debbie Crouch

April 2020

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