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Creative Writing - In the Beginning

In the beginning taking the first steps......

To begin.....I feel blessed to have attend the Barnsley recovery college on a creative writing course in 2019.

Taking the first step into a new environment filled me with nerves and it was quite daunting. The warm welcome from the smiling lady at reception made me feel at ease.

The class ran by a wonderful lady who has a passion for her subject, a welcome smile and warm heart made settling in so easy. Following a fun ice breaker getting to know each other was great and filled the room with chatter, smiles and much laughter.

Everyone had their own writing style, knowledge and experiences, topics of interests and themes for stories which was exciting and this makes people unique and special.

Yet we were all so quick to criticise our own work.

Fortunately always supported by the tutor who helped you see writing in a new perspective where anyone can learn and enjoy.

I found that the people in the group bonded well quite quickly and over the 6 weeks together we grew into a friendly group, sharing written stories, giving feedback, supporting and encouraging each other.

At times wanting to hear more of the written pieces shared they needed to be in print.... I hope one day this will be a dream for those who want it.

Its about constructive criticism in a way you can learn and develop led by an amazing tutor and volunteer supporter giving people the confidence to write at their own pace.

The talent in the room never failed to astound me and everyone learnt so much from each other too.

I am thrilled to say I have forged friendships with special people that will stay in my heart forever.

If you are thinking of a new venture and feeling anxious, just do it, take the first steps.

Learning new skills, sharing experiences, making friends, and having fun has been fabulous for my mental health. Listening to others with lived experiences in a safe environment changed my life and I cannot thank everyone enough for the blessings they gave me.

Anyway I wanted to share a fun and simple writing exercise to start off.

Introduction to poetry a rhythmic or rhyming Limerick using your name.

Limerick - A form of verse, usually humorous or cheeky, written in 5 lines. in which the first, second and fifth line rhyme.

Firstly make a list of words that rhyme with your name.


I wrote a few difference proms below test out till you find one you like the most.

There is a lady called Debbie

With Smedley a cuddly beige teddy

He lifts me when I feel low

He never says “I told you so”

Eats porridge and drinks Pepsi

There is a lady called Debbie

With Smedley a cuddly beige teddy

He sits on the bed

With a bump on his head

Eating porridge and drinking Pepsi

There is a lady called Debbie

Intent to capture a yeti.

But the yeti yelled, Freeze!

Or ill tickle your knees,

So, she covered him in confetti.

A special thank you to The Exchange Recovery College and those wonderful people you know who you are. The Exchange Recovery College Barnsley

Telephone 01226 730433


Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativity

Copyright © 2020, Creative Wellness Journey

Debbie Crouch


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