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Curious! What’s the biggest benefit to being at home?

If you answered “more time to do the things I love,” then you’d be 100 percent correct. More free time means more opportunity to enjoy your passions, and also to explore new ones.

If you’re looking for ideas, here is a of fun and creative activities for older adults. 1. Write Your Story A great way to stimulate the brain. Maybe you have an idea for a great story or perhaps you’ve been looking to start writing your memoirs. Perhaps your preference is poetry or just write about something you enjoy. Creative writing offers a release idea, share fictional writing, a great way to share with new people while indulging in a creative outlet.

2. Take Photos Even if you don’t have a fancy camera, use your phone to capture whats around you and share with others things that make you feel good.

3. Learn a Craft Whether it’s knitting, embroidery, woodworking or pottery, learning a new craft can help you find a passion or talent you never even knew you had — and also can be an excellent stress reliever. Choose something that excites you so it won’t feel like a chore.

4. Study a Language Taking on a new challenge can be mentally stimulating and emotionally fulfilling. Try studying a new language you’ve always wanted to learn — once this has passed and as a bonus, you could even plan a vacation to a location where you can practice your skills.

5. Baking & Cooking “Studying” has never been more delicious. Look online for cooking classes by video to learn new skills in the kitchen, try out different recipes or get creative with cake decorating. Why not challenge yourself with new recipes and techniques through online tutorials.

6. Read or Audio Books Reading is good for the brain and gives it a workout. It can help to increase vocabulary, sparks your imagination, learn new words, and good for your mental health. Also helps with Theory of mind (ToM) which is the ability to understand that not all people have the same beliefs, desires, and intentions. Reading a fiction story helps you to visualise the dramatic scenes in real life. Today there are books for every field of life including science, astronomy, geography, romance, spirituality, self-help, music, art, and craft, the list too long to mention. Join a book club see what others are reading ........ A friend welcomed me to a local group Barnsley Babes Books and Brews – A Private group subject to approval

Embrace Your Inner Artist You don’t have to be an exceptionally talented artist or painter to enjoy the process of making art. Art is for everyone no matter what your skills are now …...give it a go. Remember if you would like to share anything you have created either upload in the following pages.

Posted 26th March 2020 by Creative Wellness Journey

Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativity

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Debbie Crouch

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