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Debbie's Creative Corner - Feedback from Ted

In May 2020 I asked members if they would be kind enough to let me have their feedback on the group so far Creative Wellness Journey on my Debbie's Creative Corner page. I am blessed to have received this from Ted who in his late 70s and embracing new technology wrote his first message on his iPad .

Debbie Crouch. An enthusiastic person who enthuses her students without even knowing that she is doing it.

A mentor. A giver of ideas. To those who don’t think that they could do anything. Then finding out that they can, and do it well.

Giving them a sense of self-esteem (“ I can do it”) a feeling of well being and confidence. To go and create things for themselves. And display whatever task that they may have completed.

I was in a deep depression having lost my wife I now have self confidence, I don’t feel depressed, I feel full of life, and look forward to new tasks.

Of meeting people like Debbie really gives you a feeling of well being, and life is worth living.

Yours Ted

Posted 24th May 2020 by Debbie in Creative Wellness Journey

Sadly I recently found that Ted had passed away in November 2020 due to COVID and I wanted to share this wonderful man's kindness of spirit and creativity in his memory.

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Debbie Crouch

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