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Debbie's Creative Corner - Introduction

Debbie's Creative Corner

An Introduction to my creative drawing and painting to share in the gallery of Debbie's Creative Corner.

Debbie’s Creative Corner a place to share FREE creative projects that anyone can do.

The aim to show that anyone can have a go with easy to do art tasks.

This supports my interest in helping and understanding people with mental illness looking for creative wellness.

“Creative Wellness Journey”

This group has been created to bring friends together, share creative ideas its aim to help and support others and build friendships in a safe environment.

I would really like members to share creative things made, ideas, fun things anything that will encourage and help others in a group where they feel comfortable to share.

Let’s share the beauty of creativity Creative art for all ages and abilities. Creative Wellness Journey

Copyright © 2021, Creative Wellness Journey

Debbie Crouch

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