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Finding a Magic Garden - On Our Travels

Another day out with Debbie & Heather to discover the beauty around us together.

In celebration of sharing great days out in the UK here is:

Wentworth Garden Center and Historical Walled Garden

Wentworth is the quintessential ‘estate village’, unchanged for centuries and asking to be explored…

Our visit today was to the garden centre and historic walled garden.

The drive through Wentworth village offers a splendid visual for a traditional estate like going back in time and this has remained largely unchanged for centuries.

The garden center is spread on a large plot of land and offers a huge selection of beautiful plants and flowers.

Offering a Free large car park. Plants all in first class condition. Everything for your garden it would be a perfect paradise for any gardener I bet even satisfy even Alan Titchmarsh.

Situated in sixteen acres of historic walled and landscaped gardens, Wentworth Garden Centre has to be the biggest and most attractive centre in the North and is a family owned independent business.

Looking at the fascinating range of products and gifts in the shop which was really special. So many fabulous displays and ideas for the home and garden.

A great place to inspire creativity, get ideas, and choose a special gift too.

What a fabulous day we had which started with a coffee and scone in the cafe garden which was so spacious and peaceful.

At a very reasonable cost of £1.75 entry fee per person it's a pleasure for everyone.

We sat on a bench chatting and being mindful in the moment which was truly amazing.

Not another person around you could have dreamed it was "the magic garden" one of the most angelic and tranquil experiences.

The Right Glass

Heather kindly treated us both to a special just for me glass a stunning diamante silver tall glass that shimmers in the light.

A great idea to have your own very special glass to drink your soft drinks from, be this tonic water, lemonade, orange juice, or strawberry - why shouldn't these be served in a beautiful glass too.

Watch this space for #THERIGHTGLASS campaign coming soon.

We had an absolutely warm and peaceful day together where time stood still precious day to treasure with friends.

Wentworth Garden Centre

Hague Lane



South Yorkshire

S62 7TF

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Debbie Crouch & Heather Roundell

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