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Full Moon April 2021

April’s Full Pink Moon

Its name came from wild ground phlox flowers in spring, as a time of gathering and growth. The moon releases the most energy on this night and is an opportunity to increase your positivity. Remain calm tonight, as whatever is happening in your mind, body, and spirit will be amplified.

The next full moon on 27th April at 4.31am in the UK.

Known as the "Pink Moon" both the April and May full moons will appear larger in the sky than normal.

A Full Moon - Interesting Information

A full Moon happens roughly every 29.5 days (the length of one lunar cycle).

For anyone interested in the moon they advice the stronger you feel connection to the full moon, the more your heart chakra is aligned.

Your heart chakra is home to kindness and forgiveness.

This means that a full moon is actually the perfect time to let go of negativity.

Heather has created a magnificent scene of the full moon shining in the water at night.

How does the full moon occur

The cycle of the Full Moon occurs when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned and the Moon's surface is fully illuminated by the reflection of the Sun's light.

This is when its energy is at its peak, and is most powerful.

Historically as far back as 400 B.C., the moon was blamed by physicians and philosophers and the word “lunatic,” evolved from the idea where people changed their mental state being related to the lunar cycles. In reality for the most part, a full moon doesn’t cause people to become more aggressive, violent, anxious, or depressed.

However there does seem to be some evidence that a full moon can lead to less deep sleep and a delay in entering into REM sleep. This may show a slight change in cardiovascular conditions during a full moon cycle.

Spiritual beliefs

The SUN is said to represent the ‘outer-world’, by this I mean our identify, personality, or ego. A representation of how we ‘shine our light’ into the world, whilst being in the present moment.

It is thought that the Sun offers us strength, courage and illuminates the insight of the Soul.

Looking at the MOON which reflects what is happening in our ‘inner world’, which means our emotional state, dreams, worries/fears, desires, and our feelings. Looking at our past learning and creativity to look at unlocking and expressing ourselves.

How does the full moon affect us?

In our modern world, looking at connecting to these energies can give us a sense of grounding and support our mental wellness. It is meant to be a way to think about celebration, victory, and release whilst making the energy work for you, and reduce anxiety and stress.

Wellness rituals at full moon

1. Understand your energy.

No matter if you are feeling tired or really energised, take a few moments to be still, so that you can understand exactly how you are feeling and notice the thoughts going through your mind.

Maybe you can just simply sit in silence with your eyes closed and focus on your breathing.

This will help to calm the mind and better understand how you’re feeling. The aim is to relax your mind and stop those busy thoughts on a subconscious level.

2. Write in a Journal

Take time to write down some notes for me I like to braindump or draw a mindmap or maybe just write down anything that comes into your mind.

Start ny what you are thinking about in that moment or maybe something you are working toward achieving that may be a block your journal is a tool to write anything that comes up, and then try to organise your thoughts.

Just consciously allow yourself and your mind to let go of these things.

Sometimes I have written my troubles on paper and burnt them or torn paper and thrown away to let go of these thoughts.

If you feel more comfortable drawing this is all about making your dreams come to life, so whatever way works best for you will make the most impact.

Be as creative with your drawing as you like with colour, contour, shading adding backgrounds the possibilities are endless.

Just make sure you draw something for each wish you want to make, any goals, desires or dreams or a new item you want or need.

3. Relax and stop thinking you have to do everything now

No matter how inspired, energetic and motivated you might be feeling, try not to make any seriously big decisions or moves during the full moon.

The energy around is so high at this time so instead, make some plans and have your ideas, ready to evolve at their own pace.

And on a physical level, don’t do too much in general.

This is a time to to be focused, plan, gain ideas, creative thinking when you take time to really communicate with yourself.

4. Thank You

Thank the Moon, for fulfilling previous wishes and thoughts 'Thank you, Moon, for all the abundance you bring into my life.

Selenophilia (from the Greek 'Selene', Luna, and 'philia', love) is the reason why you are so attracted to the Moon. ... People who are attracted to the moon also get attached to stars or sky.

A theme for each project will be set in gallery and members invited to contribute their creative pictures we have a Moon, Stars and Sky theme.

Heather has created a magnificent scene of the full moon shining in the water at night.

You can be creative too

Why - to inspire ideas for creative projects? When - once a week starting Sunday Where - members can share their work in the gallery

What do I do next?

  1. Create your picture in any medium,

  2. Read and agree the terms and conditions

  3. Send to

Copyright © 2021, Creative Wellness Journey

Debbie Crouch

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Apr 26, 2021

An absolutely beautiful blog Debbie! 👍🥰

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