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Living the life of Emoji & Bitmoji

Finding a new way to express yourself with Emoji's is a playful way to illustrate and it’s a key way we communicate our emotions and feelings online.

In 2022 for Heather and I this became a great way to communicate in many ways, supporting members, fun messages, sharing positivity and happiness wherever we go.

We may not be tecky enough to understand the deep meaning behind each one (I am sure someone has covered this elsewhere) we know that these can be used across the internet such as in text messaging, social media platforms and pretty much on any informal modes of communication.

The use of emoji for mental wellbeing is a great way to capture simple wellbeing responses, or an easy way to communicate when words are not their or if in pain sending a quick emoji is convenient too.

It’s hard to believe, but there was a time before emojis when humans were forced to communicate through words alone. Sometimes communications were fraught and confusing.

Fortunately, in 2022 there are emoji for every occasion.

Heather and I are both iPhone users so are lucky to take this one step further in using the Bitmoji app.

Allowing us to be ourselves wherever we go......

Heather & Debbie living the life of Bitmoji

Actually, taking this one step further living the life of Bitmoji we are able to go beyond our capabilities, imagine we can do anything, feel invincible and have lots of fun.

So though your mind and body may be tired, health restrictions, feeling less flexible, or just wishing you could do the things Bitmoji life shows.

Well now we can let our imagination expand into a new world.

Here are some of the Bitmoji's we have used in 2022.

We hope you have enjoyed our fun blog remember to leave feedback or a comment.

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Debbie & Heather

Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativity

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