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Look After Yourself - Simple exercise

Starting to exercise whilst working from home. Now that I am spending more time at home its important to think about keeping fit, stretching and moving my body.

Working in an office and stuck at a computer most of the day leaves little time to think about this. However, now I am at home I am determined to take time out and found this as a starter for 10 on the NHS site. Follow the link What I liked about this is getting my body moving again through gentle sitting exercises which were very easy to follow and could be done on a chair, the sofa or a seat one that does not have wheels of course. Remember to wear loose comfortable clothing so you can move your limbs and stretch (even PJ’s work) and make sure you drink water during and after to keep hydrated. I have been able to build up slowly my stretches and am ready to look at my Pilates as my next goal. Have fun and get moving Debbie

Posted April 2020

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Debbie Crouch

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