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Mindfulness Moments

Updated: May 11, 2022

Through learning to be mindful ……

I began to shift grow and evolve

Healing techniques helped me discover myself and begin to appreciate how unique and special I am.

I began to do more things I love drawing, painting, long walks nature, read and connect with friends.

A huge benefit was to stop comparing myself with others.

Instead focused on me and my journey and discover what my spiritual being was searching for in my life.

In time learn to forgive others where their poor choices negatively affected my life.

Through my journey it was learning to:

Give yourself permission to notice......

How your body is feeling...........

  • How can I best take care of myself at this moment..........

  • What do I really want to do..........

  • Listen to your gut instinct what is it telling you..........

Walk in nature

Quite meditation



Colouring In

Become aware of our habits around feelings observe them and sense being with them

Remembering - We can't stay on a high all the time.

Train ourselves to let go of the desire to push it away and be more in the now

.........experience the sense of letting go Resistance - anger, confusion, pain and discomfort

.........bring your mind back to focus

Let's look at some some of the things I have learnt on my journey and see if anything sparks interest for you.

Grounding or Earthing

When you are in direct contact with the ground (walking, sitting, or laying down on the earth's surface) the earth's electrons are conducted to your body, bringing it to the same electrical potential as the earth. ...

For example you can lay in it, walk in it, stand in it, or even put your feet in it while sitting in the garden.

To feel grounded feels like the nicest thing on earth and gives me a feeling like floating between the clouds and being free.

Sometimes I look up at the sky and watch the clouds making shapes and imagining patterns and images in the sky.

Being in the present is the most calming feeling in the world that you do not worry about sensations in your body and mind whilst just letting it be.

Deep Breathing

Once you find your breath, go through the following steps to help ground yourself:

  • 5: Acknowledge FIVE things you see around you. ...

  • 4: Acknowledge FOUR things you can touch around you. ...

  • 3: Acknowledge THREE things you hear. ...

  • 2: Acknowledge TWO things you can smell. ...

  • 1: Acknowledge ONE thing you can taste

Believe In Life Change - Mel Pegley

Meeting Mel through a recovery coach training course I attended a Mindfulness course.

After my very first session I was the most relaxed I had ever been and I knew it was a pretty special session.

The weekly sessions followed by additional sessions to practice and follow each week helped to build a routine of meditation and relaxing in an easy way.

Melissa Pegley

Mindfulness & Life Coach, Yogi

Founder, Believe in Life Change

Mindfulness Art

Mindfulness Art is a combination of neurographic drawing, easy art and being in the moment.

Check out the "Art for Wellness" programme for tutorials and ideas to be creative for mindfulness.

Copyright © 2022, Creative Wellness Journey

Debbie Crouch

Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativity

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