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Moonlight Magic

Self Care Sunday
The magic of the moonlight - Sunday 18th April 2021
Sundays are my 1 day a week selfcare day

Why is self care important?

Practising good self care means dedicating time in your day to be doing enriching things for yourself.

This helps to improve your physical and mental wellbeing and part of living a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Making time for relaxing activities which for me is anything creative, nature, walking, reading or just resting.

Self care boosts my self esteem, helping to calm my nerves, allows time to relax and look after myself with a positive impact on the way I see myself too.

I have learned that in gaining self esteem I can deal with setbacks and challenges and more likely to achieve my goals. It gives me a better start to the week for Mondays.

Setting time for yourself?

Making changes to prioritise my own self-care helps me to manage mental health issues and might even prevent them from getting worse.

Of course it doesn't have to be a specific day but for me planning at least 1 day a week encourages me to be disciplined and make the time to be creative and do something I enjoy.

Spending time with loved ones and that's proper quality time is important where you can all find inner peace and strength for life's journey.

It makes sense really if you think about it as the happier and healthier I am, the more I can give to a relationship. The stronger and more positive I feel makes me happy and optimistic and gives me hope for the future.

Other types of selfcare.

I also understand that if for any reason my Sunday was filled with alternative plans I need to change the day and time and ensure I still make time for myself.

What have you done today Debbie?

This is a prompt for me to reflect and be accountable for having made time for self care.

Went to visit one of our favourite places "Wortley Hall" for a picnic lunch and a walk in nature

Sat in the garden and gave positive feedback and encouragement to my hubby who has made a wonderful start of planting ready for spring for us to enjoy.

Moonlight Magic Creativity - spent the afternoon creating a picture with some wonderful pens I had bought for Christmas "Spectrum Noir Glitter Pens"

Then taking it one step further adding pencil crayon and white marker effects. Using an app called Prisma finding different ways to change the picture as a digital art and made the video.

Which do you like best?

Self Care Sunday - Creativity

That's why I came up with a theme for Creative Wellness Journey as "Self care Sunday" for members to plan for themselves over the next 7 days.



Watch out for the theme every week for "Sunday Selfcare"

in Members Creative Gallery

Sharing an idea to inspire your creative juices and get you started. link

Why - to inspire ideas for creative projects?

When - once a week starting Sunday

Where - members can share in special gallery

What do I do next?

Create your picture in any medium, read and agree the terms and conditions

then email to Debbie

Please feel free to make any suggestions for future topics.

A safe place for members to share their creativity to gain confidence and support others.

Copyright © 2021, Creative Wellness Journey

Debbie Crouch

Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativity

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