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My Creative Wellness Mind Map

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

This is a great visual method of understanding information stored inside your mind.

The mind map is a great creative tool that can bring colour and shapes together to show you ideas which develop and branch out in connections like a tree.

Mind mapping can help you understand things easily, solve problems creatively and help you remember what you’ve learned.

This was introduced to me by line manager who soon became a very good friend as she has kindness and beauty in abundance a special woman who influenced my life.

Let's begin...........

Imagine an airplane flying in the sky amongst the clouds so your central focus is in the moment. Where does your imagination go?

  • The colour of the sky

  • Different types of planes

  • Shapes and forms of the clouds

  • Blue skies and sunshine

  • Pilot and crew

  • How to fly a plane

  • Airports

The mind instantly starts making a map, creating links between each one like a kind of mental picture or website.

Next think about a tree full of branches or a spider this is a basic design of the mind map.

In the middle start with the subject matter "Creative Wellness" and use different coloured sections for each idea. Mindfulness, Creativity, Mindset, Body Support or use your own words or what's meaningful for you. Next draw connecting lines in corresponding colours that branch out to sub headings or ideas. I wrote the associated thoughts at the side of each one. It helped me to first make a list of the things I enjoy, or made me feel positive. Think about what I would like to learn, new skills I wanted to develop, happy things I liked to do or forgotten hobbies and interests. Remember this can be added to, just start with one or two ideas and come back to it. This can either be drawn by hand for example coloured pens.

Or for those who like using online tools ......

The great thing is you can revisit your mind map and it change over time Give it a go its fun and gives you something to focus on. Copyright © 2020, Creative Wellness Journey

Debbie Crouch


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