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On my Journey - An Introduction to NLP

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

What is NLP you might ask?

Its full name is Neuro Linguistic Programming - a dreadful name for one of the most practical and effective approaches to understanding what makes us tick'

NLP is a very understandable and practical approach to psychology and communication, based on the study of people who naturally do things well.

In 2013 I had the pleasure of attending a course which changed my life.

Unlike anything else I have ever attended in my career this was a journey of self-discovery and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity.

“At the start of the course feeling very anxious about talking about myself in front of large groups of people filled me with fear. I am immensely proud to say that Accelerate gave me the confidence and belief to overcome my fears.

If I could describe what NLP has given me then this course was the key to unlock my mind. As a result, opening my mind to new ways of thinking, with the skills and tools to become better at communicating. Honestly, I started to feel a change in myself after the initial first day. A real-life changing moment was the realisation that I control of my thoughts, emotions and behaviour in reacting to life’s situations. In changing our minds, we change in ourselves. I became more confident, had a higher level of self-belief, opened my mind to new opportunities, look to challenge/feedback and use the tools/resources from the course every day.

The meaning of communication is the response you get…….

Communication plays a large part in your life both work and personal. Through preparation using tools from NLP to change my language, presence, confidence and self-belief it has enabled me to successfully engage with others, understanding their needs, and taking onboard feedback enabled me to influence my decisions.

If I could describe what NLP has given me then this course was the key to unlock my mind.

As a result opening my mind to new ways of thinking, with the skills and tools for self-discovery. Grateful thanks to Chris and the team who ran the course not only did I qualify “NLP Foundation Diploma” which I am immensely proud, more importantly my journey of self-discovery began......”


NLP in the Northwest is run by Chris & Glenda Grimsley, experienced trainers with professional backgrounds in public and voluntary sectors. Partners in life as well as in training they have a reputation for delivering practical, accessible and effective training in plain English with humour, warmth and integrity. Courses run in the heart of Lancashire. NLP in the North West

If you would like to change the way you think or feel, NLP can help. It allows you to leave behind negative emotions, beliefs and thought patterns and to silence unhelpful self-talk. NLP will teach you to think positively, to be decisive and to see a clear path ahead. As you move forwards confidently and happily, NLP will help you to remain motivated, even if things get tough. It will also help you to understand others better and improve your relationships. NLP 'Allsorts' A sampler of NLP tools, techniques and tips for a happier life!

An extract from 'NLP Allsorts' - a free selection of useful models and techniques available

NLP in the Northwest

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Debbie Crouch

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