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Paints - How To Mix Colours Hints and Tips

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Choosing Your Paint

Both acrylic and watercolour paints come in various qualities and generally available in tubes or pots to suit every artist; 59ml, 150ml, 500ml and huge 2.25ltr in selected colours.

In choosing paint I look to match quality at an affordable price but would never expect anyone to buy above their personal budget.

"During lockdown Amazon has been a reliable method for ordering supplies and have included this page if it would help for the tools and resources used at Creative Wellness Journey" - Debbie

Daler Rowney also offer a selection of acrylic paints such as iridescent and pearlescent mediums for giving your acrylic paints a subtle and distinct metallic shimmer.

Winsor & Newton Galeria watercolours are a range ideal for the artists who require large quantities of good quality colour at an economic price.

Mixing Colours Hints and Tips

As a professional artist teacher and demonstrator, has used both Winsor & Newton & Daler-Rowney, for both acrylic and watercolor paints, whilst always looking for special offers and sometimes finding them in discount stores.

Again this is a personal choice and for beginners you may choose to use a cheaper brand to practice at first and that's fine too.

Here are some handouts relating to colour mixing shared during various courses at Barnsley Adult College thank you to Gary allowing me to share.

Mixing Greys

To mix greys, black and white in varying degrees is the obvious way, but this gives a rather flat, lifeless colour. 

Instead, try using a blue and a browny-red such as burnt sienna, raw umber or burnt umber. 

Depending on the amount of each colour used, these will usually result in a deep bluey grey. Blues and oranges (eg. ultramarine and cadmium orange) will also result in greys. 

You also need to add white in varying degrees to lighten the grey. 

Try your grey mixing out on a piece of scrap card so that you get used to doing them. 

Remember to just use a little paint until you’re sure what you’re doing.

Here are some downloadable FREE resources to help you get started that Gary shared with learners on previous courses.

Basic Watercolour Palette link

Colour 1 link

Colour Grids link

Colour combinations  link

Modifying with colour link

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