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What is the most important thing you learnt about being creative?

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Here are some genuine thoughts and feelings from members on why they enjoy being creative.

  • That it’s just the most important part of my life. It helps me cope, face trauma and relax. Explore ideas.

  • It keeps me sane. Well, relatively sane...

  • It takes thoughts elsewhere....

  • u just gotta have a go at it.

  • Mistakes can happen. Move forward.

  • Your imagination is bigger than your abilities.

  • Just that ... that I keep learning!!!

  • There are no rules: If YOU like it, then it´s perfect.

  • That i need to be creative every day.

  • Just start

  • It’s not about perfection

  • Being creative is a big plus when you try something new.

  • Being creative and having the freedom to express yourself with drawing and painting makes less room for lies...I forgot the person who quote it but yeah

  • Every creation is magical. No matter what is it, creating something new is world of its own.

  • It helps me keep calm and cool. i feel relaxed! its like meditation!

  • It's not about perfection. It's about enjoying the process

  • Just get started, let the process flow

  • Whatever you like, goes!

  • It's not a state of doing but of being.

  • It needs to be expressed. Suppressing your creativity is bad for your health. Make time to nurture your creative soul.

  • Being creative and creating art teaches you courage and patience

  • How good it feels to do something that is just about me for once. The pride I get from creating. And that if something doesn't seem like it went how you want, sometimes you just have to walk away from it and come back refreshed.

  • Just do it...dare to make mistakes and be yourself....

  • There is no right and wrong

  • Even if it feels like I don't have time it's often much more important to feed my soul. House tasks will always be there, I will never be caught up.

  • If it makes you happy creating it, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of it.

  • That I can make art and how to feel proud of myself!

Thank you to everyone who sent wonderful messages of hope and encouragement.

Do you know anyone who would enjoy being creative or benefit from learning more?

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Debbie Crouch

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