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Writing My Story - Introduction - April 2020

Preference to write and read short pieces so I have broken down into chapters the Introduction being the first.

Never been one for heavy text books or lots of detail.

Personally I find it easier to digest if taken in small steps – one at a time.

Writing in short bursts, if it was too long for me overload in one post.

Besides how many of you would scroll to the end and not read.

My future dreams and aspirations to share my journey with people and help others through sharing experiences.

Having a passion for visual stimulation a short video of my life so far in pictures.

If I can make a difference to someone else’s life for the better this brings me joy and peace.

Discovering my dream to share with others..........

Creative Wellness Journey Group

Let’s share the beauty of creativity

Copyright © 2020, Creative Wellness Journey

Debbie Crouch


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