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Nature Photos to Watercolour Art


On your travels or in the garden take photographs of nature that inspire you.


Something that catches your attention for its shape, colour, texture or just its general appearance.


Are you drawn to the view, does it intrigue, excites you or fills you with curiosity.


Tip: Take random pictures without a care often you see something in them at a later time that sparks your creativity.


Materials You Need


Photo inspired picture


  • Watercolour or mixed media paper (size A4)
  • Watercolour paints
  • roundhead paintbrushes
  • other brushes
  • Water
  • HB pencil


Firstly look at the picture and think about what you can see, what catches your attention:

for its shape, colour, texture or just its general appearance.


This is the first in the series if you have enjoyed the tutorial please let us know and send your picture to

easyART - Inspired by Nature - Tree Patterns

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