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Hello my name is Debbie a creative community expert, artist and author.  A creative recovery coach and founder of Creative Wellness Journey CIC - sharing about creativity and my journey to recovery.  

When and how did you establish the organisation? 

In March 2020 it began with an idea to set up a private group on Facebook for members to be in a safe space to share their creativity and get to know new people with the same passion for art for wellness. 

Growing into a large community of creative members in January 2021 on the website.


What inspired you to create such a meaningful and healing community? 

In finding my own path to wellbeing through learning to draw and paint as an adult I became passionate about wanting to share with others what I have learned along the way. 

Art for Wellness

An introduction to Creative Wellness and Art for Wellness.


A visual journey to wellness

through finding creativity.

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