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Mindfulness Art
Mindfulness Art
Mindfulness Art is a combination of neurographic drawing, easy art and being in the moment. 

The best way for looking to relax and unwind, think and absorb affirmations and positive vibes, or a fun way to set any goals and objectives.

Let's take a look at a simple way to learn how to be mindful with your drawing experience.

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If you enjoy this taster come and join


Stay calm and start


I’m super excited to announce the founding member offer for this VIP community 


What can you expect:


A weekly sprinkle of positivity for your mindset mindfulness and momentum and also some laughter too 


This is an exclusive private community paid group for

stART Simple Therapeutic Art subscribers 💕

Founding members offer till 4th July only £3.33 a month (worth £13 a month)

Join before the price increase to full now

Watch introduction video at Vimeo


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