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An art journal can be either written journal, visual or both.


Using colours, images, patterns, and other materials offers a form of creative self-care.

Art journaling is a visual diary and a great creative way to express your creativity within a journal.

You can use art journals to record your thoughts and express emotions while exploring different artistic styles.

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This is our fun acronym for collecting bits and pieces that you can use to make a collage.


COGS are essential bits and pieces to make collage creations flow.


It is generally something easy accessible, hand made, collected from junk, recycled materials or items that you think (too nice to throw away)

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Creative Ideas 
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Lets........ journal, paint, draw, write, and doodle

Art Journaling for Beginners

Where is all began on facebook.......

What's remarkable what started in Lockdown 2020 as a safe place to be creative for beginners, quickly grew to over 10K member in over 12 months as a facebook group.

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