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Whimsical artwork by Debbie Crouch

Whimsical art is a vibrant and playful style of art that is childlike and carefree. 


Commonly associated with fairy tale art, which lifts the spirit and makes you happy. 


Whimsical art is began in Paris in the 1920’s

where it encompasses those designs that evoke a feeling of playfulness,

lightheartedness, and fancy.


Whimsical decor actually isn't any one design style.

The best way to describe it is lighthearted, playful,

and full of colour and pattern.

It’s look often associated with fairytales,

with animals and woodland creatures.



Good art always explores emotions, feelings,

sceneries and imagination.

If something catches your eye

or you feel something inside

explore the uniqueness within the artwork.

Take a look at what enhances the piece.

Where will your imagination go...........

Members Gallery

See below a gallery of members creative pictures shared. 
What would you draw or paint?

Why - to inspire ideas for creative projects?
When - regularly updated with new ideas and topics
Where - members can share their work in the gallery 


What do I do next?

  1. Create your picture in any medium,

  2. Read and agree the terms and conditions

  3. Send to 

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