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Abstract Art for Beginners


Materials You Need

  • Paper - Watercolour/mixed media paper or sketch paper
  • Pen/s/pencils
  • Paint (watercolour/poster/acrylic – I’m using watercolour as it dries faster)
  • Paintbrush
  • Water


Assemble your materials, as this piece is completely unique to your imagination, you can add as many or as little materials as you like. Feel free to use lots of limited colours.


Art for Wellness - Sponsored by The National Lottery Community Fund  


Emma & Debbie in collaboration bring to you an easy step by step video with an optional eBook download you can find in the FREE membership.  


Learn more about mixing colours, and painting in a safe and fun way.  


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easyART - Abstract Art for Beginners

  • ebook and video

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