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Woven Heart

Create this beautiful woven heart in simple easy stages


Theraeutic Art - VIP Tutorials

  • Encourages self expression through art
  • Offering tutorials for both beginner and advanced artists.


Using art to express feelings.

So if you’re looking to be more confident, find your own style or explore new ways of thinking.

Art for wellness is there for anyone looking for inspiration and ideas.


So what is therapeutic art?

It's an engaging creative activity using a range of materias to create a picture..

A chance to explore new skills and let your creativity flow on paper.


No rules

No timescales

Let yourself go


Finding a space to create you may want to play your favourite music or a relaxing track in the background. This is optional just being quiet may be preferred.


stART Therapeutic Art
Exclusive Tutorials
(Members only)


These can be completed over a period of time offering a fun project.

Woven Hearts - startART VIP

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