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Alcohol Awareness Week 15-21 November 2021

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

It’s estimated that 1 in 3 people will be affected by alcohol-related problems at some point in their lives, and it’s also linked to around 60 different health conditions including heart disease, cancer and liver disease.

Alcohol Awareness Week 2021 - Tips to help you cut down on alcohol

In being aware of limits and awareness you may not necessarily choose to go teetotal but reducing your intake still feel the benefits of drinking less.

The first step may be changing your limit setting and sticking to a few drink-free days a week, or swapping to lower-strength drinks, are both steps in the right direction.

The benefits of drinking less

When you choose to reduce your limits of alcohol intake you will start to notice benefits:

Short-term benefits:

· feeling better in the mornings

· being less tired and more energetic

· better-looking skin

· saving money

Long-term benefits:

· lower blood pressure

· lower risk of stroke, hypertension, cancer and liver disease

· lower cholesterol levels

· better mood, memory and quality of sleep

· help with weight management


Here are some practical things you can try to help you cut back.

1. Make a plan or try using an app

Use the Drink Free Days app to set yourself a weekly unit target and stick to it. But if one week you do go over your limit, don't stop trying – next week is a fresh start.

2. Choose soft drinks or non alcohol drinks

Choose drinks that are lower in alcohol or alcohol free.

There are many brands available on the market.

Maybe try lighter beers – under 4% alcohol by volume (ABV).

As a rule of thumb, white and rosé wines are lower in strength than reds.

Or try swapping some or all of your drinks for no or low-alcohol alternatives.

3. Stick with it!

It might take a bit of time to get used to the change from your usual choices.

It may have a slightly difference taste with lower-strength drinks, do not give up!

There are so many options, it's likely there's one out there for you and enjoy experimenting with different drinks.

Switching means you can enjoy the health benefits of drinking less without losing your social life.

4. Shake up your social plans home and away

When going for drinks if at home or with friends.

Choose a activity like watch a film, meet up for breakfast, grab a coffee and go for a walk.

Look at new hobbies drawing, crafting, go bowling, head to the gym or sign up for a class to do together.

5. Set a drink spending budget

Sticking to a budgeted amount for alcohol can be a good way to drink less.

6. Don't be tempted to join in rounds

Being involved in rounds makes it easy to end up drinking more than you meant. Try to avoid them if you can, and do not feel like you have to say yes to a drink just because someone else is buying. There's always a next time.

7. Only wine and dine

Waiting for your evening meal before you have a drink – and having your first only once you've started eating – is another simple way to help you cut down.

8. Beat boredom

If a drink is a way you handle boredom or stress, try finding something else to do instead. Exercise is a great stress reliever, and simple things like cleaning, a new hobby or DIY can be a good way to occupy mind and body.

Doodling and colouring in is easy and fun way to keep your mind active and hands too.

Remember you can do anything but
you dont have to do everything


Alcohol and relationships are closely linked. Many of us associate alcohol and socialising, and alcohol can become a big part of our connections and interactions with those around us. But when our own or a loved one’s drinking starts to negatively affect our relationships, or stands in the way of us taking action on our own drinking, it can have a huge impact on our lives.


If you enjoy social media why not join the #rightglassmatters campaign.

A social media campaign aimed with the message if you drink soft drinks, or non alcoholic drinks you want a nice glass.

Enjoy a drink more served in a stylish glass

How many times have you been to a bar, restaurant, cafe and asked for a soft or non alcoholic drink only to be served in a boring or bland glass. Maybe you are at home or visiting friends and family. How often do you think? "I would enjoy this drink much better in a nice glass?" "This is what they serve childrens drinks in" "I want to fit in as an adult" How happier would you feel? When your drink matches your good mood When your drink matches your environment

What drinks would you recommend?

If you have discovered a particularly nice soft or non alcoholic drink share a picture, link the brand name and say why you like it.......

If you would like to learn more about the reasons for the campaign #RightGlassMatters read more

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