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All Aboard the ship of friends! - Friends Ship!!

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Friendship a collaboration between two friends and bloggers “Not so Grim Up North” and “Creative Wellness”

Meeting fellow blogger “Not so grim Up North” earlier this year her passion and excitement for sharing was wonderful. After many chats, and reading her blogs after much support and encouragement she gave “Creative Wellness” the confidence to do first blog and I am proud to be her friend.

National Best Friends Day, is a day to honor that one special person you call your “best friend” on the 8th June. However, we both feel this should be changed to “All best friends day”. For those who are of a certain age may remember the old martini advert used to say “anytime, any place anywhere”

Some people believe you can only have one best friend. Why? We believe best friends are special people in your life so why restrict this to one. In the words of Sean Bean a Sheffield legend......

A true friend is a friend who you standby consistently both when you are with them or not. They are authentic and honest with you and can read you without words.

It is all about showing how much you appreciate them, how special and important they are to you and how you cherish their friendship How to celebrate: In making time to spend with your best friends. If you live close, do something fun together. Maybe plan your favorite activities or try something totally new! If you can't be together, use social media to connect

How about a letter or a message to your best friend. • Thank you for giving me the most amazing advice. ... • Thank you for always being honest with me. ... • Thank you for always being there for me, through thick and thin. ... • Thank you for making me a better person. ... • Thank you for making so many of my memories ones that will last forever.

Appreciate that in lockdown this may have been more difficult to do with no hugs or meet ups and it's about looking for other ways to connect, maybe zoom, or just a text message. The true definition of a best friend is a person who you are comfortable with feel you can confide and trust, you value above other friends in your life, someone you have fun with.

They will most certainly be the first person you call when you get good news or want to go meet for a coffee and catch up (or tea) Basically, a best friend is a person who cares about your wellbeing and genuinely wants you to be happy and well.

They are the person who respects you and is willing to spend time and patience to help you if you need it and be there for you both in the good and the bad times.

The benefits of friendships show that strong social support will boost your happiness, improve self-confidence and increase your sense of belonging and purpose.

Where would we be without the people we rely on day to day. Sometimes these people don’t always do much they just need to be there.

To be there as a friend holding hands or a hug when we can maybe in lockdown a text or message you can still feel their presence. Friends who understand when you're not in a talking mood just hug you are most precious just sit with me at those times that’s all it needs. Why not send a virtual hug in lockdown. When your low and anxious and you can’t talk the hug can say a thousand words and can transport understanding without saying anything.

At times you might just sit and be their that’s all it needs. Real friendship just ticks along not about grand gestures looking after smaller things.

Finding your tribe and love them hard

Go to people for unconditional love we need these people. The people who get your quirks or your unpaid therapist are the more deeper meaning friendships.

Each friend will contribute and share something different into your life. Think of friendships being like a patchwork quilt all bring something different. Providing security comfort and warmth.

Friends fruit cake of our life’s

Plan time to share with friends a message..........This phrase made me think of you Share an affirmation, message, picture on the spur of the moment when you see something meaningful that reminds you of that special person in your life.

Important to have different friends and learn who to vent to and who to open up to with deeper conversations. Or those who you know can make you laugh.

Sometimes we pick up on vibes of the soul or through a spiritual connection.

Or maybe it's just random.

Can’t be everyone’s friend Some people aren’t going to like you and that’s alright it is time to realise I’m not everyone’s cup of tea or I can be the juiciest peach and someone really won’t like peaches.

Remember to stay as you if you are a juicy peach that’s great. Its about not changing stay as a peach and don’t try to be pear. Support your friends encourage each other, celebrating victories and being happy for someone else.

A strong friendship is where you can be honest without being judged.

Knowing and not been scared to be honest as long as its done with thoughtfulness and understanding.

In life we meet many different people we meet along the way it may be a different generation, social class, unexpected meeting friendship holds no barriers. It's simply because you like them as a person.

When we choose friends or they choose you then it’s really important from different walks of life different generations to provide a richer mix of life.

It’s taken all this time to realise friendships some stay and some are passing through. For example, teachers and mentors who mean the world to you at the time, but not everyone can possibly stay. The people from our youth are special and become part of our reminiscent thread. Growing up means a lot of your friends are chosen by interactions, and other influences as children in nursery, school, college, where you live, and in time we grow and change and this is normal. As a adult good friends are like Bras.

We are all pieces of the people of whom we interact with inside us, they all influence us whether it’s good or bad. Some jigsaw pieces are a perfect fit and others out of cinque and that’s alright.

When practical friends drop things for you or you do the same for them. Some talk in your free time others free time to see you and in life's journey we learn to know the difference.

Being an empath if you know a friend going through something put yourself in their shoes.

In today's world human connection if full of algorithms, hashtags and followers.

A valued lesson learned through friendships is that we do not crave attention but crave connections.

The Tao of poo by Benjamin Hoff reveals how the simple-minded character of Winnie the Pooh perfectly emulates the teachings of the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism.

Taoist principles revolve around simply living as you are and following the natural power of the universe to find wisdom and happiness.

For example: Eyesore is depressed but still included. Watch out for the new blog by “Not so Grim Up North”

Friends are your chosen family where water (and wine) are thicker than blood.

Some friends have been with you for many years and you have memories and laughter looking back.

Finally to finish let's cheer and agree “Life is better with friends"

Co produced by Not so Grim Up North & Creative Wellness Copyright © 2020, Creative Journey to Wellness

Posted 15th August 2020

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