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Aromatherapy Course (April 2019)

The Exchange Recovery College in Barnsley Aromatherapy Course Aromatherapy is something I have often been wanted to learn more about and was curious to know more.

Looking through the prospectus for The Exchange Recovery College I came across this opportunity to learn more.

Prior to enrolling in the college my old self had thought “I am too nervous about attending, what will the people be like, I am too anxious, I am not ready for social interaction” many fears circulating around my mind. I am so happy that I took the courage to go and find out more. In making “me time” a priority and this is something I have learned on my wellbeing journey. This course is run by a lovely and welcoming lady who when she miles she warms the room with her personality. We looked at what is an essential oil, why and how you would use them. Each week we were given a sample bottle to research using books written by specialists and considered its use, healing properties, safety precautions, benefits, followed by a smell and describe session which was interesting and learned so much. The second session looked at simple massage techniques practicing on hand and arm which was brilliant and very relaxing as we all had a turn to be massaged. Sadly, we were not able to complete the course and hope to follow this up in the future. For me it's about learning to use aromatherapy for myself and immediate family as I appreciate there are precautions for certain medications and appreciate need to fully understand this aspect. For my own personal use, I managed to buy an humidifier and pack of essential oils (100% pure recommended) so I can use this to fill any room in the house with an aromatic experience.

Its important oils are stored away safely and top screwed on tightly away from sunlight or any heat source.

The humidifier I bought did some research first: Works by USB plug Waterless Auto-off switch when empty Various timer settings Quiet to use Only use recommended mixes of essential oils and follow manufacturer's instructions and think about what you are trying to achieve and anyone's health issues (medications) always seek advice from qualified written books.

To learning is to be continued..........

Posted 3rd April 2020 by Creative Wellness Journey

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