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Creative Art - Colour a place where you live

It has to be one of the top ten most frequently asked questions when you meet somebody Where do you live? Why not create a picture to celebrate where you live or a place you like. Something that inspires you ........

I am still learning to draw and wanted to keep it simple to start with.

I wanted to celebrate the village of Hoylandswaine and have a go at learning to draw some flowers too.

Now we are in lockdown and limited to how far we can travel any walking is local nd this has given me an appreciation of where i live. Normally working everyday and travelling to Leeds I dont have chance to take in where I live during the daytime. Using a stone monument to welcome in the centre be as creative as you like. I copied from a photo I had of the stone welcoming you into the village. Draw whatever you like around this. Creative art for all ages and abilities. I would love to see what you have created it could be drawn, painted, stuck on material and coloured paper or use any mixed media. An idea why not add in your work to share and inspire others. Please send a photo of your work to me at Important note let me know if I can say drawn by ......... (first name) or if you prefer to be anonymous Let’s share the beauty of creativity

Posted 5th April 2020 by Creative Wellness Journey

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