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Creative Art - Feathers

Updated: Mar 20

When you think of a feather what does it mean for you?

Finding feathers

Finding a feather can be an uplifting, spiritual experience, especially when you find one in an unexpected place.

For me a feather can be a sign of hope, encouragement, freedom, nature and future.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Feathers appear when Angels are near?"

Our angels are always silently near, to give us comfort and support, as we cannot see them, it is believed that they will sometimes use a feather to remind us that they are here for us or to send us a little encouragement that we are on the right path.

This is a belief I have held from childhood and although its my choice I am not hear to force my opinions on others only to share my own experiences in spirituality what you take from this is your choice.

The gallery I share shows how I have been inspired by feathers or butterflies in my creativity from easy to draw images, zen inspired pictures, pointillism butterflies, dream catchers, my love of nature and bird watching to name a few.

There is nothing more amazing for me than having a feather cross my path. It always feels amazing when I find a feather. It’s an overwhelming feeling of guidance, support and encouragement.

How are you inspired by feathers?

What will your creativity release?

Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativity

For me, being creative and having a journal in response to everyday life is a magnificent journey of self-discovery. So, play, have fun and learn which kind of artist style makes you relax and experiment enjoy.

Creating Art At Home

Copyright © 2021, Creative Wellness Journey

Debbie Crouch

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