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Creative art for all ages and abilities.

Hello and welcome, my name is Debbie a creative lifestyle and mental health blogger, living in South Yorkshire I blog about creative wellness and my journey.

The aim to share information with several different platforms:

Here at the Creative Wellness Blog A place to share my journey to wellness and what tools and resources I found worked for me along the way.My story may be unique to me and everyone has their own path to follow.

However, if along the way I can share thoughts, ideas and experiences, may this help others to discover their own steps to move forward.

The aim is helping to support and share ideas for creative wellness.

Creative Wellness Journey Group created on 11 March 2020.

by Debbie's Creative Corner

A place to share FREE creative projects that anyone can do.

Looking to share art that is accessible to everyone and encourage people to have a go.

Here are some examples of creative projects to spark ideas. Pastel Crayons

Acrylic Paint Photograph nature Zen drawings pens and crayons Pencil sketching Simple watercolours Expression through words Watercolour paints Watercolour Pencils Paint Collage with cut out paper from magazines

Embracing all types of creativity.

Page created – 15 May 2020

A place to share my creative projects inspired on my wellness journey.

Copyright © 2020

Art Journaling for Beginners

Art journaling is a visual diary and a great creative way to express your creativity within a journal. You can use art journals to record your thoughts and express emotions while exploring different artistic styles.

If you enjoy writing and making art (whether it’s drawing or mixed media art), starting an art journal would be an excellent idea for your next creative project. Art Journaling for Beginners Group created on 28 July 2020 Creative Mental Health Support Group created on 10 September 2020

Public Group open to everyone A space to share mental health awareness post, information and support to raise awareness and end the stigma.

Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativity

Copyright © 2020, Creative Wellness Journey

Debbie Crouch

December 2020

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1 Comment

Jan 12, 2021

Absolutely brilliant!

You are such an inspiration!

Full of creativity and positivity to pass on x🥰🎨

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