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Creative Art - Lockdown 2020 for my Art Journal

Debbie's Creative Corner Art journaling is a visual diary and a great creative way to express your creativity within a journal. You can use art journals to record your thoughts and express emotions while exploring different artistic styles. I have created a visual reflection of Lockdown in the UK to capture this time from 23rd March 2020 till today 20th July 2020. There are no rules, no right or wrong way, you can make it however you like. Art Journaling supplies - mixed media

  • Digital media pictures

  • Watercolour paints or watercolour pencils.

  • Acrylic paint.

  • Coloured pencils.

  • Cut out from magazines.

The story will continue as it is not over yet thought it was important to record to remember. Creative art for all ages and abilities. Let’s share the beauty of creativity

20th July 2020

Copyright © 2020, Creative Journey to Wellness

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