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Creative Art - Zen Circles

Here is a simple idea to start using pens and paper Zen Circles.

Another great way to draw is to make Zen tangle patterns. Drawing Zen tangle patterns can be fun, absorbing and meditative. They’re also really easy.

First you need paper black pen and coloured pens or pencils. Find an object in the home such as sellotape, pen pot, bowl or make up pot.

Start by drawing around some objects or shapes and then fill up the area with jazzy patterns. I used a roll of sellotape.

You can make your drawings as simple or as sophisticated as you like and the patterns can be as straightforward or as convoluted as you want to make them.

Next colour them in with patterns you can choose black and white or colours whichever you fancy.

Further details for FREE PDF download can be found at Creative Art At Home link

Creative art for all ages and abilities - Let’s share the beauty of creativity

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Debbie Crouch - 6th April 2020

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