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Creative Wellness - What's in a group?

Welcome to creative wellness my name is Debbie and the aim in this group is to share creative projects that support mental wellness.

Here is a video to introduce groups and being creative.

How nearly a year ago filled with no more than a desire and passion I started creative wellness journey.

So why not give yourself permission to start, learn and have fun.

Be inspired by what other are doing along the way, see what sparks your interest.

Remember no rules for being creative, does not have to be exact, perfect or carbon copy of others work. It's yours and its unique.

A few basic rules to the groups:

Be kind and respectful lift each other up

Only post things that you make or what you have created

So come on in and join the fun

Check the facebook groups as well as the website groups.

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Absolutely! I was the same starting my blog. Just start it and see where it takes you. You will find that you, yourself grow with your blog as it grows. You grow spiritually and emotionally.

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