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Creative Writing - A Kindness journal

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Create your own Kindness Journal and keep this somewhere you can look at and read.

This is your journal designed by you to help develop a practice of kindness - to yourself first and then to others - so you can create a lifetime of happiness through a lifestyle of compassion.

Either buy a ready made book or just a plain cardboard one like a school exercise book and decorate this yourself.

Here is an example of my own Kindness journal.

I began by writing in favourite positive statements and drawing simple pictures to brighten the page.

Drawing and doodling can be fun and relaxing too.

Kindness improves our quality of life and brings people together.

Doing good for others feels good.

Showing kindness to others is just as rewarding as receiving it from someone else.

It is a simple yet powerful tool to help you break unhealthy negative thought patterns. Help to change your mindset to positive moments.

Draw around your hand and write on the things you like to do is simple and easy to do.

It can be:

Written (poem, positive statements, save nice messages from others)


Visual (Pictures/drawings) and takes just a few minutes each day make the practice of self-care and personal growth.

My Kindness Poem - May 2020


With just a kind word or a greeting,

A warm hug or and lots of smiles,

Pause and make time for others

The rewards can stretch on for miles.

Kind words are more powerful than you think.

They enter the mind and fill the soul.

Sending warm ripples through your body.

Quenching the heart and lifting your spirits.

Be Kind to each other


How about an online journal gallery to capture pictures you have drawn or painted.

Using a free app Pic Collage I can create photo collections. link

Journal for positive feedback from others is a great way to capture and remember good things people have said to you, compliments, texts, messages, greeting anything you like.

Here I share some things in my journal so I can look at and add to whenever I like.

Feedback from a WRAP course members 2019 -

Debbie is.......

  • Open and friendly

  • Authentic

  • Genuine

  • Wears beautiful bright colours looks great

Feedback on Creative Wellness Group May 2020

I’m very impressed Debbie. You really have a talent for this. I enjoyed the videos looking at the different pictures and the music was relaxing. It made me think even someone like me who isn’t very creative could do something. (A)

You really have got the creative bug, haven’t you? I’m really impressed with the variety of media and subjects that you tackle. Congratulations with your creative blog. It’s really taken off and it highlights some brilliant art work. Well done. I’m incredibly proud of you. (G)

I have found Facebook a great way to communicate. Thank you from all my heart. Giving me confidence to (1) start painting (2) getting me off my bum, I feel blessed that being over 70 I have found a place to feel welcomed. (T)

Make your own journal and may you get as much pleasure from this too.

Copyright © 2020, Creative Wellness Journey

Debbie Crouch

May 2020

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Debbie Crouch
Debbie Crouch
Jan 27, 2022

Remember - If you would like to leave feedback on any part of Creative Wellness Journey, Art Journaling, Groups. Community, website, tutorials etc here


Judi Coggins
Judi Coggins
May 27, 2021

Love this idea when I'm paid I'm going to start one

Debbie Crouch
Debbie Crouch
May 27, 2021
Replying to

That’s brilliant 🤩

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