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Giving the gift of hope

Art for Wellness - 31 Days of December

Ever wondered what is was like inside the mind of a creative?

How they got started?

Can creativity help with wellness?

Will I ever find my inner voice?

To find out more follow our "Tiktok campaign"

In celebration of launching my two journals in 2022

The TikTok campaign aims to be a fun way to interact and share Art for Wellness.

A unique and fun way to connect

Spread the message of joy with journaling

Offering a great book to get started

Pages packed full of ideas

Giving a gift of Hope

For me journaling was a great way to start learning how to relax, unwind and be in the moment whilst discovering a playful side with easy drawing, doodling and collaging.

Excited to launch my new journal

Aimed for you to discover your playful side through simple easy drawing, doodling, colouring in and writing.

Great as a gift for sharing

hope for the future in 2023.


My Planner - Think about your goals, things you want to do or notes for today

Colouring In Pages

Thoughts for the day - List the things you want to remember

Colour me in - Use the squares to draw a pattern or colour in.

As well as your own:

  • Doodle Pages

  • Writing Pages

  • Blank pages

  • How do you feel today

  • Positive Affirmations

Dont miss out on my birthday week special

2nd December - 9th December

for only £10 (normally £15)

Benefits of Art Journaling

Start 10 mins a day reconnecting sketch or write ✍️ Connecting with you journal what is good in the world, in your life in your day Start to find yourself again as a person Mindful of taking time out for yourself Why does it matter to you What are you drawn to Three things grateful for today Focus on where you are on your own journey This is where I am right now This is what I want more of The more you can be yourself Tap into your authentic self Who you are as a person You will be happier and feel more full filled No rules taps into who you are Gets you starting to think What is around you Where you would like to be What you would like to be doing

or How about

What if you could ......

  • Create order when the world feels like it’s in chaos

  • Get to know yourself revealing thoughts and feelings

  • A time to destress and unwind

A great way to Invest £15 in yourself,
or gift to another who needs it

Debbie Crouch

Creative Community Expert Artist & Author Creative Wellness Journey CIC

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