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Jealousy is destructive I would rather be Kind

Jealousy is destructive I would rather be Kind

During our journey through life we come across jealousy either within ourselves or demonstrated by others.  Sometime by those we are closest to which causes emotional trauma and manifests in mental health issues.

Why its important to overcome jealousy? 

Jealousy is an often overwhelming feeling of insecurity about a potential loss or lack of fairness or justice.

The term is also used to describe a feeling associated with being possessive of another person, such as a child, partner or friend.

I refer to the possessiveness behaviours of others that bring you down, cause you to loose self confidence, the ability to live your life, or cause emotional trauma.

I have come to realise some people are not very nice and enjoy being horrible to others and that brings them pleasure.

Underneath this can be fuelled by jealousy and their own lack of self confidence rather than dealing with their own inadequacies they take it out on others.

Some people are quick to make assumptions and decide who we are or what we are just be looking at our appearance or how we sound.

Perhaps if they took a more holistic approach to humanity we would all be happier.

Know your own limitations

Self awareness is to know some people push our buttons and the realisation that we control our reaction to their actions.

Why spend time reading thoughts of angry people?

Instead, I want people to be able to share love and kindness to each other and be respectful, but you know what some people are just not nice to know or have in your life.

Their are some people in life we cannot see sitting down and having a conversation with.  They would never admit their at fault and look to always blaming others.

Stop trying to convince or change their minds as their opinions or behaviours are their choice not yours.  

They may not want to consider the benefits of positive thinking and prefer to blame everyone around them for what is going on on their life.  They are not capable of taking responsibility for themselves or thinking that they contribute to how they are feeling.  

How they treat others affects if they can maintain friendships or give off good vibes as being a person others want to be around.  You are not responsible for them or their actions.  

The best way I have found is taking the good and trying to find a way to deal with the bad avoiding being dragged into their way of behaving or thinking.

Try take the higher ground by being polite and curtesy and stop feeling its your fault and problem to fix.

The thing that frightens me most of all is loneliness which I have experienced at times in my life. Finding connections with people is a joy.

I don’t want anyone to be lonely I know what that’s like.

Remember there are good people in the world. Reach out wether it’s next door or down the street choose the community you want to live in. It’s a frightening thing to do but beautiful to build a network with surprises along the way.

The next time you look at someone and judge them take a deep breath and think. 

Do you know who they are or do you just think you do? Based on what opinion, ignorance, past experiences, pre conceived ideas. 

Have you taken the time to get to know them? 

Kindness is letting people be people.

Some people are magnificent because they don’t even know how wonderful they are. People who change your life for the better.

“How far we travel in life matters far less than those we meet along the way" 

In Lockdown spending more time at home and in the garden leaves me with an appreciation of what I have in life and what is around me.

Caring about where I live makes me kinder and it certainly makes me happy.

In building an online community through my creative wellness project I have been blessed to interact with some wonderful people I would not have come into contact with otherwise.

I feel proud and blessed and thank everyone for their posts and positive messages it a wonderful community let's make this the place to be to promote kindness.

Written by Debbie Crouch 2021, Creative Wellness Journey

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Copyright © 2023, Creative Wellness Journey

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