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Little book of Hope

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Heather shared her idea for creating coloured backgrounds in a little book with watercolour paints and later using them to design her creative pictures.

"This is great way to start your art journaling experience and do this in stages. In creating coloured backgrounds at times when you feel like splashing colours is fun.

Then going back to them in the future when you are inspired to doodle or create a picture."

At the beginning of lockdown finding creativity was a way for me to channel my thoughts and anxiety. With relaxation music on at the same time, it helped me find a calm place in my head. Basically stopped me going bonkers

For health reasons I am aware that at times I need to think of my pain levels, how flexible my hands are and what I am capable of doing at any one time.

In not putting pressure on myself, being creative when I want to be and having fun splashing paint this helps me to feel calm, relaxed and enjoy creating pictures in my own unique style.

How to make a little book of hope...........

A great way to make a little book journal and so easy to start.

First purchase a A5 pad from any cheap shop that sells art stock you dont have to spend a fortune to get started. As I am based in the UK so I bought for £3 from The Works.

The paper is plain in the little sketch pad and doesn't feel too daunting to make so I can decide each picture when the time feels right for me and if this is what I want to do.

My first journal pages

At the beginning of lockdown I wanted to capture in my journal my thoughts and feelings.

"I was totally inspired by Debbies Feather Zentangles! Thought I’d have a go.

This is a brilliant website to be a member of and recommend anyone to have a go and join in." Heather

Debbies Feather Zentangles link

Golden Hearts

In creating this page it was important to remind myself that I’m important too as its easy to forget about your own needs.

I made it using cardboard, peeled randomly in places and painted with acrylic paint and adding a bit of gold stamping ink and metallic pen.


This page was made using watercolour in patches and I let the colours run down the page. Once this had dried I doodled with black pen, the balloons represent freedom and flowers represent nature. Both of these things I am missing in lockdown.

Three stage watercolour doodle

Using watercolour paint to create a bright blue and purple background letting the paint dry in its own way.

I purchased sheets of stick on words that can be used as a positive message or affirmation so my pictures have meaning from design and wording too.

Using black and white pens to create the design.

Upcycling in my pictures

I can’t throw lovely things away given to me with love.This is a perfume box I love which I randomly tore up and glued into my book and outlined the edges to give a different perspective I can now look at it with a smile and it isn’t gathering dust.

Friendship Bubbles

So grateful for support and friendship bubbles. Made this page with acrylic paint and masking tape. With bubbles made from various lids off household items dipped in bright colours of paint.

Rest and recharge Days

This is an acrylic paint sponged background with magazine cuttings clued on to remind me when tired our bodies need to rest and recharge.

Mixed media is also a great way to design your background pages using pictures or words cut out from magazines, or adding your own written message.

I had a lot of laughs when I created the "lost your umph page" and when I shared this with Debbie. We both agreed thats is normal to have an "umph day" especially in lockdown and even if you rest, go for a walk, take deep breaths or have a sleep that's OK. Self care is important too and you dont have to be creative everyday.

Just a plain and simple felt tip pen day.

Cosy winter nights

I ripped up the TV guide with favourite Christmas films

Then wrote about what I was going to do over wintertime.

Art Journaling and being creative

In doing art journaling there are no rules it can be done on the days you chose and be shared however you like.

I feel blessed to be able to share on creative wellness and hope that it inspires others to have a go and realise we all have our own style and taste. In sharing ideas both the person who makes the picture and the viewer feels good and that's what it is all about.

If you know anyone who would benefit from joining a friendly group, in a safe space and learning to be creative tell them about

Written blog and creative pictures shared by Heather R in 2021

Copyright © 2023, Creative Wellness Journey

Debbie Crouch

Creative art for all ages and abilities. - Let’s share the beauty of creativity

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3 Kommentare

Wow! Such a fantastic blog! My head is spinning with ideas for my journal! Such lovely artwork and I love the backgrounds of the pages. Creativity will help us get our umph back!

Gefällt mir

This is a wonderful piece of inspiration on all levels. Well done and thank you Heather for sharing your visions and creative ideas. We should all have a "Little Book of Hope" whether it be in an artistic form, or indeed in our minds eye, we need to keep our personal book of hope filled.

Gefällt mir

Debbie Crouch
Debbie Crouch
25. Feb. 2021

A wonderful blog by Heather I just love her idea of a "Little book of Hope" and how she created this journal during lockdown a perfect example of creative wellness🌟 thank you much for sharing

Gefällt mir
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