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Lockdown the new way of life in 2020

Lockdown the new way of life as at September 2020

What would you like your life to look like once lockdown is over?

Creating a new normal

It has given us an opportunity to reflect on our lives, the way we live, priorities and perspectives.

A unique experience of life, love, work, hobbies and lockdown hair. In learning to cook, bake and make our own meals from scratch.

Changes in the way we live our lives.

Concerns, shifting priorities and your new way of thinking.

Don’t want to go back to life exactly the same as it was before.

Less time commuting travel to work, less importance on how you look clothes or make up, nails or hair.

Take time to learn from the free online courses, a new language, a new hobby.

Made life more peaceful

Best things in life are free friends, family and health and appreciated how much they mean to you.

Engaged more with technology and worked from home, a new office in the spare room, bedroom, kitchen, lounge or sometimes the garden.

Less of a priority shopping, magazines, TV and reality TV shows, celebrity culture, newspapers.

A greater desire for financial security, finding that right balance, or looking towards retirement, reducing hours.

Recognising need for fairness in the world.

Working from home improved my life less travel, more time, flexible hours and how I hate the rat race.

The need to Work reduced or fewer hours.

Much less traffic on the road fewer cars and drop in number of aircraft less pollution.

What surprised me was over time using zoom as communication was brilliant made new friends, engaged volunteering and new hobbies and learning.

Self care and confidence

Less of a need to wear full make up everyday, that being natural and relaxed in clothing in time improved my confidence and became more relaxed.

Appearance mattered much less.

Managing money saving where possible though food and house essential shopping became more expensive.

Supporting local businesses Juggling time as no food delivery had to shop more often and help out elderly relatives. Concentrate on meal planning based on what was available in the shops.

Appreciate your home and garden more and walks in local village. Spent more time on plants and flowers for garden creating a colourful oasis of peace and calm sitting outdoors at every opportunity.

Support a slower way of life.

Being able to wash and hang out on clothesline fresh laundry smells fabulous.

Finding A New hobby

The aim is helping to support and share ideas for creative wellness.

My story may be unique to me and everyone has their own path to follow. However, if along the way I can share thoughts, ideas and experiences, may this help others to discover their own steps to move forward. Creative Wellness Group: A private group on Facebook a safe space. A roundup of resources, such as positive statements, sharing creative projects, posts sharing fun and laughter, creative writing, favourite books, photographs, nature, tools and resources, look at what have you created this week, ...... to mention a few.

Debbie's Creative Corner A place to share FREE creative projects that anyone can do. Looking to share art that is accessible to everyone and encourage people to have a go. Art Journaling for Beginners Art journaling is a visual diary and a great creative way to express your creativity within a journal. You can use art journals to record your thoughts and express emotions while exploring different artistic styles. If you enjoy writing and making art (whether it’s drawing or mixed media art), starting an art journal would be an excellent idea for your next creative project. I would love to see what you have created? Why not share your work to inspire others. Let’s share the beauty of creativity

Copyright © 2020, Creative Journey to Wellness

Written by Debbie Crouch - Sept 2020

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