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On Our Travels - Narnia

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

In celebration of sharing great days out and promoting that self-care is important, sharing wellness together with friends.

"I create a safe and secure space for myself wherever I am."
"I give myself permission to do what is right for me."

The build up to our special day was exciting counting down to the magical mystery of Narnia to be displayed at Castle Howard.

Heather and Debbie arrived after what seemed a long journey and our first reaction of the long road to the castle filled us with excitement and wonder for the day ahead. The sun was shining cascading shadows on the tree lined avenue.

The beautiful extensive gardens with the tree lined lake and countryside all around.

Arriving at the castle and in need of warm coffee and a sausage roll. This was most delicious and most welcomed in the visitors cafe before entering our Narnia experience.

Walking through rooms filled with splendour with a warm and friendly atmosphere it felt like been welcomed into a warm comfortable home.

Imagine how Lucy, Edmond, Susan and Peter would have felt back in 1950 evacuated from London to the country home of Professor Kirke.

Walking up the stairs along corridors to reach their luxurious and christmas adorned bedrooms with twinkly lights, toys and ornaments that could be any child's dream.

The journey begins

Finding a huge wardrobe door tucked away in one of the rooms, filled with fur coats imagine the experience of walking through to find a winter wonderland.

Lucy liked the feel and smell of fur. **

Walking through the winter wonderland as the icy chill and soft snowflakes fill the corridors and rooms you can see ice displays and feel the cold all around.

Wandering through the winter wonderland as the icy chill and soft snowflakes fill the corridors and rooms you can see ice displays and feel the cold all around.

A major forest in Narnia all the way from the wilderness in the west, beyond the lamppost, to the sea on the east, where the great castle of Cair Paravel lies at its mouth.

Each room capturing the atmosphere of the woodland where some animals can talk, mythical beasts abound, in a magical atmosphere.

The White Witch used Edmund's craving, or hunger, for the magical Turkish delight to get him to betray his family, or put them in danger for his own benefit, by bringing them to her.

The Throne Room at Cair Paravel is a large room in the castle, often described as the most majestic room, and where the kings and queens of Narnia's thrones sit. It is the place where audiences with the royals are performed, celebrations, and also where all royals, including the Pevensies, are crowned.

Heather & Debbie sat like Queens on the throne at the end of the journey and even wore our newly printed "Art for Wellness" t shirts.

We hope you enjoyed our story of the journey through Narnia and would recommend as a fun activity if you like The lion witch and wardrobe or Narnia chronicles.

Debbie & Heather on our Travels

If you would like to watch the moment Lucy find Narnia in the wardrobe here is a wonderful you tube clip to watch.

**Lucy liked the feel and smell of fur watch a clip below:

The story plot courtesy of Wikipedia

During World War II, the Pevensie children (Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy) are evacuated from London to the country home of Professor Kirke.

During a game of hide-and-seek, Lucy discovers a wardrobe and hides inside, only to find that she has entered a magical winter world.

Lucy finds a lamppost and encounters a faun named Mr. Tumnus, who invites her to his home and tells her that she is in Narnia. Tumnus puts Lucy to sleep by playing a flute lullaby, and when Lucy wakes up, he sadly explains that the White Witch cursed Narnia to eternally experience winter and never Christmas, and any humans encountered are to be brought to her.

However, Tumnus instead sends her home, where Lucy finds hardly any time had passed, and her siblings disbelieve her story due to the normal state of the wardrobe.

One night, Lucy successfully returns through the wardrobe, but Edmund follows her. Edmund meets the White Witch, who claims to be queen of Narnia. Edmund tells her about his siblings and Tumnus, and the Witch offers him Turkish delight and kingship if he brings his siblings to her castle. After she departs, Edmund and Lucy reunite. Lucy informs Peter and Susan, but Edmund lies out of spite. When Peter and Susan bring the issue to Professor Kirke, he suggests Lucy is telling the truth.

While fleeing the housekeeper after accidentally breaking a window, the four siblings retreat to the wardrobe and enter Narnia. Peter berates Edmund for lying and forces him to apologize to Lucy. They discover that the Witch has taken Tumnus, and they meet a couple of talking beavers, who say Aslan plans to return and regain control of Narnia, and there is a prophecy that says if two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve sit on the thrones of Cair Paravel, the Witch's reign will end.

Edmund sneaks off to visit the Witch, but she becomes furious that he came without his siblings. The Witch sends wolves to find the children, and Edmund is imprisoned, where he meets Tumnus. The children and beavers escape, and the Witch demands Edmund reveal their location. Tumnus defends Edmund, but the Witch reveals Edmund's treachery before turning Tumnus to stone.

While Peter, Lucy, Susan, and the beavers travel, they encounter Father Christmas, a sign that the Witch's power is weakening. He gives them tools to defend themselves — Lucy receives a cordial that can heal any injury, and a dagger; Susan receives a magical horn, and a bow and quiver of arrows; and Peter receives a sword and shield. After evading Maugrim's wolves due to the melting ice, the group finally reaches Aslan's camp, where he is revealed to be a noble lion who promises to help Edmund. Two wolves ambush Lucy and Susan, but Peter kills Maugrim, and some of Aslan's troops follow the other wolf to the Witch's camp and rescue Edmund.

The White Witch journeys to Aslan's camp to claim Edmund, but Aslan secretly offers himself instead. That night, as Lucy and Susan covertly watch, the White Witch kills Aslan, then deploys an army to slaughter Aslan's troops. Lucy and Susan send a warning, and Edmund persuades Peter to take command. In the morning, both armies violently clash, but Aslan is resurrected, citing magic beyond the Witch's understanding. Aslan takes Susan and Lucy to the Witch's castle to free the petrified prisoners. Edmund is mortally wounded while saving Peter from the Witch, but the reinforcements arrive and Aslan kills the Witch. Edmund is healed by Lucy's cordial, and the Pevensies are crowned King Peter the Magnificent, Queen Susan the Gentle, King Edmund the Just, and Queen Lucy the Valiant.

Sat 13th November 2021 to Sun 2nd January 2022

Christmas in Narnia

Visit the castle where an icy spell has been cast on this mystical land where it is always winter at Castle Howard open from 10am daily.

With lavishly decorated interiors Castle Howard transformed into Narnia.

Marvel at the 25-foot Christmas tree adorned with over 3000 baubles providing a magnificent highlight in the Great Hall an so much more.

To book tickets and find out more at:

Members Picture Gallery

Remember we have a dedicated Narnia gallery for members to share

their creative pictures why not take a look here

Debbie & Heather on our Travels

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Debbie Crouch & Heather Roundell

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