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Reframe your mistakes as lessons learned

Looking at how to get the most out of your relationships whether its personal, professional or with a stranger you just met.

Its learning to master your emotions and learn along the way.

To reframe or change basic details of issues and problems. Learning to look at things in different perspectives you dont always have to agree it's about understanding their are differences and that's normal.

Let's look at an example of a different way to reframe a response so someone reaching out for help.

An emotional reaction is normally the first response made from a difficult situation.

Expressed through anger, sadness or fear when you feel threatened, upset or feelings of anxiety can begin to emerge.

This is a normal human response and in learning to understand that is part of the process to learning how to react in a calm and controlled way the next time you face a challenging moment.

This is by no means deflecting from the situation and reducing its importance rather learning to reframe our thoughts and responses.

"When I feel like running or fleeing, it’s time to face my fears with courage."

Listen to what is being said

Learning for me is realising the need to think things through in a fair and balanced way before reacting. In being able to listen more than talk at times accept sometimes people clash or have differences of opinion and that's normal. In life we won’t get on or like everyone but if we can remain calm, impartial or professional we emerge as a better person in the long term.


The way you explain things matters so much in what you do, and how you feel.

If you reframe how you think and respond it's good way for helping everyone's wellbeing.

Show problems you can face them and feel proud of your learning as you move in a positive direction.

Reframe help people say their real truth, in a gentle thought out way, react with kindness and care, think how much can they handle at that time as a positive response. What do you think they ready to hear?

If it's your inner thoughts that are causing a difficult situation then practicing different ways to reframe them.

When you notice the worry thought, say in your mind, “Stop! I don’t want this worry right now,” and actively try to think about something else that’s unrelated to the worry.

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Debbie Crouch

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