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Simple Self soothing 

When faced with challenging times, our bodies seize up and our mind shut down. 

There are easy ways to reduce physical and emotional stress and unwind. 

Here are a few ideas shared and hope that something resonates for you.

Deep breathing 

A soak in the bath 

Nourish your body by cooking more meals from scratch. 

Home cooking eases stress, anxiety and depression by giving us something to concentrate on.

Finding ways of distraction from unpleasant thoughts and provide sense of achievement and satisfaction when dish finished. 

Watch fish 

In lockdown we invested in a tank and tropical fish. 

According to research, watching aquariums leads to reduction in blood pressure and heart rate. Higher numbers of fish hold your attention for longer. 

This has a positive impact on wellbeing. 

A simple walk

Listening to the sounds around you is as important as the sights you see. 

A mindful approach allows the memory to feel attentive, aware and relaxed. Especially bird song, the wind or gentle hum of traffic. If your lucky to be close to the sea with its gentle waves lapping on the shore. 

Journaling what went well each day 

At the end of the day write down for five minutes focus on positive thoughts what your grateful for, what went well, what you would improve or try differently next time. 

This will help you to understand anything that you might be struggling with. 

Scents and smells 

From your favourite perfume to essential oils they have the power to evoke memories, reset your mood and promote relaxation.

Maybe its coffee in the morning, or fresh oranges that awaken your senses. 

According to Anxiety UK around 98% women feel anxious around menopause. Lavender oil is a good fragrance to help with this.

Decluttering cupboards and wardrobe 

 This distraction also helps cope with anxiety. 

Helps take you mind off things you can’t control and focus on something you can.

Start trusting yourself with each experience you overcome. 

Realise you can endure more than you give yourself credit for. 

Start to gain confidence in your ability to cope. 

No matter how dark the situation feels it’s always temporary. 

One day it will be a distant memory, even though it’s hard to feel like that when you are in it. 

“Make peace with your past” 

Look back at the past fondly even if it was tough. 

When things end, maybe it’s how it was supposed to be. 

Quality not quantity 

When your at school your friends with everybody but over the years you’re left with a few solid friends you rely on. 

Constantly meeting new friends on life’s journey and that’s alright. 

A good friendship is valuable and can carry you through the most difficult dramas. 

Create a self soothing box and write notes or add items that help you feel soothed. 

  • read a book

  • relaxing noises

  • favourite cd

  • scratch and sniff stickers

  • perfume samples

  • sachet of coffee

  • cake mix

  • hand or foot lotion

  • massage oil

  • bubble bath

  • nail varnish

  • make up

  • soft toy

  • piece soft material

  • squidgy toy

  • go for a walk

  • deep breath

The aim of the contents in the box is to calming body down, giving yourself love and care, knowing what soothes you and whats personal to you.

Things that change your body chemistry and emotions.

Small changes can help your assertiveness. 

Push yourself out of your comfort zone: 

Talk more than usual, compliment people 

State your opinion rather than remaining passive. 

Relationships are you happy?

What is your commonality the things you enjoy doing together. 

Do you communicate the future direction what are you aiming for in life together.

What do you want more of in life? 

How do you want to spend your retirement?

If you had free weekend and £1000 to spend where would you go what would you do? 

When children fly the nest to build their lives what is left behind? 

Do you want to spend time with your significant other?

Do you priorities time together? 

The difficult questions if necessary

Are you happy?

What’s holding you back? 

How honest are you being with yourself? 

Has your life path changed 

Are you both going in same direction 

When did you last feel loved? 

Are you avoiding spending time together. 

Do you put your life on hold to please others? 


Challenging your thoughts, rationalise them and put things into perspective  5 steps to Ask yourself  What is the area in which I doubt myself and my ability? 

Where does this belief come from? 

How do I know this belief is true? What evidence is there? 

How is holding onto this helping me? 

What would be a more helpful belief? 

Self soothe is about looking after YOU and finding your own truth.

Copyright © 2020, Creative Wellness Journey

Debbie Crouch

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